Freelance Writing

Online writing

When it comes to a freelance writing career,
there’s more you need to consider than just writing. Working from home is most
writers’ dream, but having a freelance writing career means that you must be
aware of the business aspects of the industry. There are two ways you can make
money writing online, through active or passive income. Getting started is the
hardest part, but fortunately there are tons of opportunities for writers

Active income is when you earn money from conventional
freelance writing, such as through articles or per job basis. Passive income is
when you get paid weeks, months or years after your work has been published
online. A classic example of this would be setting up blogs or articles which
are monetized by Google AdSense or Amazon ads, or submitting articles to
websites such as HubPages, which do that automatically for you.

You can also earn start earning an income by
checking out sites, such as ConstantContent or Squidoo, where freelancers write
and submit articles about anything they are interested in. Buyers looking for
content for their websites can then purchase the articles. Websites such as
Ants, Elance and Guru are also a great way of finding work. They are virtual markets
where the client can offer work and choose from a variety of freelancer’s bids.
Never bid for work that your field of expertise does not cover as this will
create a bad image for you.

a résumé

Setting up a career as a freelance writer
outside the online writing world is another route that writers can pursue;
however, online writing is almost inevitable in an age of technology. The first
step to building a freelance writing career is creating a concise résumé. This
will be your interface with the world as it will represent your talents and
abilities. Your résumé is your key to getting writing jobs. You only need to
provide a brief but engaging overview of yourself, your skills and your
achievements. The covering letter to prospective employers must also
competently market your skills and talents.

Your résumé can be posted on newsgroups, CV
sites, search engines or your own website. Your website would ideally feature
writing clips from various articles you’ve written in order to demonstrate your
flexibility, writing style and interest fields. Having your own website with a
detailed portfolio is the best way to advertise your services. Always remember
that your writing must have no mistakes if it is to impress potential clients. Writing
online articles is a great way for novice writers to create their portfolios.

Once you have a complete résumé there are
numerous avenues you can take, depending on what type of writer you are, such
as academic, medical, technical, content or travel writing. Every country has
its own network of writers which you can join; these networks provide
information and employment opportunities for companies, magazines, websites,
etc. Don’t underestimate the power of social networking either; many freelance
writers have stated that social networking is a writer’s golden key to
unlocking the door. Even when you do have your foot in the door, don’t stop


Successful writers have revealed that
networking has attracted more readers to their books, allowed them to
communicate with readers, and have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t
when it comes to promoting their work. Networking-consciousness also means that
you have the opportunity to connect with fellow writers and collaborate to
complete assignments. Not in networking significantly decreases your
opportunities for gaining work, knowledge and relevant contacts. As with any
other job, it is important to form as many contacts as possible. That student
you edited a paper for might know someone who knows someone.

financial side

Deciding on what rate to charge can also be
tricky for the novice freelancer. It is wiser to start off charging less as you
still have to prove yourself, but don’t undercharge too much for your services
as this can give potential clients a poor impression. Some freelance beginners
started out by not charging anything in order to build up their résumé;
however, the best way to go about this is to evaluate how long the project will
take you.

Another vital part of the freelancing
business is contractual obligations. No one likes to deal with this part of
business, but it is detrimental to you as a freelance writer if you submit work
which you do not get paid for in the end. Always request that the company or
client draws up a contractual agreement, if they cannot then get a lawyer to
draw up a general services contract in order to avoid doing work for free.

Before submitting or even writing an article
for a magazine, it is best to first send the editors a query as there might
already be an article in the making on the same topic. Whatever your field of
interest, it is essential to keep ahead of change and developments by keeping
up to date with your particular industry. For example, if you want to be a
freelance writer for a trendy magazine, then you must be aware that magazines
are often looking for articles which are currently in vogue, which means that you
must be knowledgeable on what is trending and what your target audience would
be most interested to see in the publication.

Being a freelance
writer can be very stressful and emotionally trying, it is not always easy to
find consistent work, but writing at a level that sets you above the rest is
the key to survival in the writing industry. Freelancing takes a lot of effort,
and many businesses are inclined to go with established writers, but don’t let
that deter you. There is always a demand for good writing; it is all about how
persistent you are and how much you love to write.


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