How to develop your writing style

Every writer has his or her own unique way of writing. Your writing style is your signature way of expressing yourself.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to writing styles. The best way to develop your style is to let it come naturally by making writing an every day activity. However, there are some basic style tips that you can keep in mind when writing:

1.     Don’t write about things that you don’t know about.

A large part of developing your style is about being familiar with what you are writing about. If you write about a topic you have no idea about then your writing will either sound forced or completely inaccurate. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you are writing about. If you are not, your readers will immediately notice it.

2.     Write naturally.

Don’t use big words that you don’t know the meaning of or that don’t come naturally to you. Many people write in a similar manner to the way they speak, this way your writing sounds genuine. It helps to sometimes read aloud what you wrote; if you don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud then need to find some other way to figure out what is not natural and where your weak points are.

3. Read as much as you can.

It will be hard to develop your style if you don’t read because reading helps to expand your vocabulary and exposes you to the way in which paragraphs are structured and sentences composed. You will get a general feel for how novels are plotted and pieced together and how a story is put together. Read as many books are as you can and from as many genres as you enjoy. Even read the classics, they may sometimes be boring but it really helps to get the hang of writing with style.

4.     Imitate the masters.

Copying the style of your favourite masters is the best type of exercise for getting a feel for style. However, never copy their characters, their worlds and their plots.

5.     Challenge yourself.

Don’t be scared to experiment. Write about whatever comes to your mind, some of it will be really bad and some of it will be brilliant. Don’t be scared to explore your inner world. Go as far as writing about the thing that most frightens, angers, and bewilders you. Become that thing and completely immerse yourself in your writing experience. This is some of the most difficult writing you will do, but it will really help to discover more about your writing preferences and help you to grow as a writer.

6.     Write every day

I left this one last because it is the most obvious one. If you don’t write every day then it will take you a very long time to develop your story and your style. Write about things you care about, but also try to dabble into different genres if you are not certain what you really love. Practice every day, your voice will only be born from a lot of words and a lot of work. Don’t be complacent and always remember to challenge yourself further. Your voice is already there; all you have to do is lead it out of the dark.

(Post by Ivelina Dineva)

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