Introduction to getting your book published

The publishing world is a business. It doesn’t matter whether you write popular fiction, self-help, children’s books, fantasy, or cook books; if a publisher believes your book won’t earn them money they won’t read it, let alone publish it. This website highlights a professional approach to the business of getting published. The information presented is necessarily brief, as the process of bringing a book to publication is a highly complex and detailed one. Therefore, this website merely tries to give a basic outline of some of the more important aspects of getting a book published. Also included are references to other resources that will help writers deal with the specifics of being published.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

–    Before Submitting

–    How to make your book more publishable

–    Formatting your manuscript

How to Get Your Publisher’s Attention

–    Submitting

–    Guidelines for writing your letter of inquiry

–    Submitting your letter of enquiry

Sealing the Deal

–    Understanding the publishing industry

–    Payment and Contracts

–    Rejection


The Pros and Cons of Literary Agents


–    Some reasons why it is good to get a literary agent

–    Some reasons why you might not want an agent

Self Publishing


–    Self publishing

Publishing Poetry


–    Earning more money from your poetry

–    Getting published in poetry magazines

–    Competitions and Other Means of Establishing Oneself as a Poet

–    How to submit your poems .

Short Stories

–    Publishing a Short Story

–    Short Story Competitions

–    Perfect your Stories.

Language and Style

–    Articles.


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